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STATS: 1st mission November 2015 1 house for a family of 415 veterans and their support.
January 2016 operation hope Cambodia sergeant Q scouting mission one house built with YWAM
May 2016 0RH33 veterans and their support one family of 41 YWAM house: Bertran house
January 2017 0HC10 veterans and support one house for 2 missionaries
July 2017 operation hope Kenya to veterans on a scouting mission one revival feeding of 300 / 20 lives given to Lord
January 2018 0HC10 veterans and support one children at risk center countless lives changed for generations
May 2018 0RH25 veterans and support 1 house 1 family of 5 Hale house
July 2018 operation hope Kenya 8 veterans and support 1VBS1 revival feeding of 300
To date 3 years for houses one children at risk center 22 Wells to revivals 1VBS for families no longer homeless over a 100 veterans and their loved ones lives changed forever