Birthday reflection.


Tonight as I lay here I reflect o my life. Where I have come from and where I am going. What have I done with the last 36 years? Not much I am afraid. Others may think differently, but I know me best and I can tell you I have squandered my tallents and my time for the majority of my life.
It wasnt until the last year that I really started working diligently for the Lord. Im talking 100% all the time. “Everyday I am hustelin” Sure, over the past 7 years I have had racked up thousands of frequent flyer miles traveling to far off distant lands and serving Gods people thru the works of my hands. Sure I have effected the lives of those people for good all in the name of and in obedience to my God. Sure, I have givin up money and endured hardship.
But it was temporary, it was part time. I could fly in, be on mission for 2 weeks, make an impact and egress back to the good ole’ USA. It was gradifing. It was simple. It was easy. But thats because it was part time.

Now God has givin me a full time ministry. It is exausting, it is complex and it is hard. And thats because it is full time all the time. There is no end of shift. No clock out time. But the military had prepared me for this.

I knew that with this ministry there would opposition. I knew the enemy would come for me.
In the Marines we have a term, Skyline… or don’t skyline yourself.
What does this mean? When on patrol you never want to crest over the top of a mountain or hill. When you do this, your silhouette is easily noticed against the stark contrast of the sky behind you. We are taught to Patrol below the skyline this way the enemy cannot see you behind the mountain and even if you are on the front face of the mountain in front of the enemy it will still be difficult for them to pick you up among the varied Terrain and foliage. But the moment you crossed above the skyline you become an easy target.

The same can be said with our Christian walk if we choose to live a quiet unassuming life we walk below the skyline and for most people this is their chosen path. But for some of us, Bold in or faith and strong in our convictions, we choose to walk Atop The Mountain skylining ourself for the enemy to see. When we choose to do big and bold things for God we Skyline ourselves and should expect constant and Relentless attacks from the enemy. So the way I see it you have two choices walk below Skyline and avoid confrontation or Skyline yourself and prepare for battle.

If God is sending you somewhere its because there is a battle to be waged. Some of you have forgotten that.
I had forgotten that!
When we go on patrol we are looking for a fight. When we step out our door we are looking for a fight. But we donot war against flesh and blood.
1.God says go pray for that person but we are afraid of embarrassment.
2. A friend criticized you and now you want to retaliate because you are wounded.
3. That secret sin overpowers your will power and now you carry the shame of sin like it is a ball and chain.

These are just 3 examples of how the devil is attacking you. Will you fold up like lawnchair, or fight back? Dont let the fear cripple you.

Marines when you are told to liberate a village, do you say no… there may be an enemy there? You know the enemy is there thats why they are sending you.
It is the same. If God is calling you to go pray for someone its because there is an enemy there.
I dont know about you but i have never backed down from a fight in my life, and I’m not starting now.

I dont care about what I did in the last 36 years. I care about what i do in the next 36.

Today I saw the enemy face to face. I heard his words. He was meer feet from me and I let him pass unabated. The enemy dressed as an old man interjected into a meeting I was having in an attempt to undermine what I was saying. I was stunned for a moment as I clamed my flesh. My flesh that wanted to tear his from his bones. Who was this old fool who thought it was his place to intervene in our meeting? To enter uninvited and cast stones? I sternly told him to have a nice day as he passed.
At the time I did not see it for what it was. It was a blatant attack from the enemy during a meeting or reconciliation. I should have rebuked him for the devil he was and his attempt to sow seeds of dissension among the group.
Be on watch my fellow warriors. The enemy is all around us. Take care of the Council you keep and the advisors who bend your ear. If it does not line up with the bible, dismiss it.


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